Oh, it’s not all puppies as well as popsicles right here at A gown A Day headquarters. Not whatever that rolls off the assembly line gets worn, or even looked at without a shudder. This is one of my more spectacular failures. So spectacular, that even though this was completed more than a YEAR ago, I couldn’t bear to even look at it up until now.

It shouldn’t have been this way. I’ve made this specific pattern three or four times, as well as it always looked quite good, as far as I might tell. (I made it twice in liberty prints, one lawn, one Jubilee, as well as when in a huge print of pink roses.) as well as when I saw this fabric, shimmering happily on the computer screen, I figured, “Oh, fun, HoJo’s blue!”

I swear, if I had a time machine, one of my to-dos, right after killing Hitler as well as visiting Claire McCardell, would be to go back as well as prevent myself from pushing the “place order” on this one.

It was quite obvious from the beginning that this was the wrong material for this dress; it was as well stiff, even after a few washings, as well as it showed every bit spot. Yet I kept on. I didn’t try it on at all (why should I have? I’d already made the pattern three times) up until I was about to hem the skirt. then — oh lord. The gown hung as if it were made from cardboard, as well as the color left me appearing like some minor character from a horror movie. Not any type of character with a name, however somebody you see in the credit histories noted as “Zombie woman who Loses Eyeball in Punch Bowl.” Yes, it made me look like a bit player in Zombie Prom, which, now that I inspect IMDB, is not just my fevered invention however a genuine actual movie coming out this year. (Why didn’t they phone call me? I have my own costume.)

The only redeeming function of this gown is the buttons. They’re vintage, as well as extremely nice. I’m not rather sure what to do with the rest of it. I might cut it up for an A-line skirt; if I kept this color (which seems to be my Kryptonite) away from my deal with it might still be cute. I might just put it in the stack for the salvation army (they take anything); I might put it up on eBay (sucker born every minute); I might send it to the producers of Zombie Prom II: The After Party; I might discover a farmer as well as offer it to him for his scarecrow. great deals of options. The only choice closed off to me is really using this as is.

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