I know people worry that capes and ponchos make them look like shapeless blobs, which is why today I’m showcasing one of my favorite tricks to allay said fears of blobdom.  I belted the front sections of this new favorite cape which accentuates the waist, and allowed the back to fall without restriction.  By belting just the front, there’s a great contrasting silhouette created—further highlighting the waistline—and also reducing the amount of bulk under the belt which makes the look très confortable.  Depending on the thickness of the cape and the overall outfit, I’ve also often belted both the front and back of capes in the past, so just to be clear, I’m an equal-opportunity cape belter.



You may not want to sport the cape all day if you’re headed to the office, so I’m wearing this long button front shirt underneath that looks great belted on its own as well.  Since only the front two pieces of the cape are belted, it’s very easy to just slip the pieces right out without adjusting the tightness of the belt.


I’ve become a bit of a hoarder of white shirts, one of my top workwear staples, but I have to say that this theory number is one of my very best purchases of late.  It isn’t billed as a “non-iron” but absolutely is in practice.  It recently made it to Wisconsin and back in my suitcase without me having to break out the iron or steamer.  Plus, the long length looks great layered under chunky knits, as you can see I recently did here on instagram.


CAPE: c/o Sole society  |  SHIRT: theory  |  PANTS: J. crew  |  BELT: old, very similar here, here and here  |  SHOES: c/o Sole society  |  BAG: c/o Sole society  |  SUNGLASSES: Miu Miu c/o Ditto


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Last but certainly not least, these suede pumps are new favorites as well, and as indicated in the close-up photos above, they have darling bow detailing on the heels.  I look forward to showing off this little party in the back with skirts and cropped pants in the near future.  I also have to say that these shoes are honestly among the most comfortable  I’ve encountered of late—not a smidge of rubbing or stiffness from the get-go.  And, at this price point, that’s pretty darn good.


I hope you all had an amazing, restful new Years holiday!  Happy 2016!!


This post was produced in collaboration with Sole Society.