ambitious Collective is freshly launched and it’s out with 8 items, 5 screen printed tee tee shirt designs and 3 snapbacks. The concept behind the clothing line is that you must never back down from your endeavors and never let any individual prevent you or bully you into giving up.
Having a a lot more aggressive state of mind indicates that you are bound to prosper when others turn around and conform. and bowing down is not what the owners of ambitious collective have in mind!
“We draw inspiration from our background, experiences, and from our surroundings. We are the offspring of defiant and fearless go-getters who through good old fashioned, clean and sincere hard work managed to pave the way for us. Their struggle, along with their battling spirit were deeply embedded in us.”
For some, life’s scenarios or downsides are best pretexts to slip into mediocrity but that never made leaders nor did it cause success. Taking the road less traveled will set you apart, while ambition and determination will keep you going towards your goals.
Ambitious collective first line !
Ambitious CollectiveArmed and DangerousDark HorseBeyond the strong concept of the brand, ambitious collective display a really great collection of graphics, neatly done and original, the prices ranging from $28 for t-shirts to $30 for snapbacks. You can see from the hi-q images that quality is among this label’s priorities which places them among the best streetwear labels launched ideal now. The site is easy to navigate on and the Lookbook makes the t-shirts stand out.
Have a look and join them on Facebook and Twitter, of course!
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