1. fashion magazine arrives.2. gown #1 catches eye.3. Web browse commences.4. Collection found.5. Hey, why’d they spend a kajillion dollars advertising THAT gown when this (dress #2) is so much nicer?6. publish gown #2.

This gown is terrific — look at exactly how it’s cut to take advantage of the stripes. You don’t see much of that anymore. and it’s from Bottega Veneta, which I’ve never truly paid much attention to, before. (I believe their purses are as well fussy.)

For those of you who are curious, this was gown #1: The top gown is so much a lot more striking, isn’t it? I liked the general lines of this one, but not the nipple action (I can’t believe of anyone, personally, who goes out buying for gowns with the concept “my nipples need to be clearly visible in any way times”). nor did I like the ruffles, which, when mixed with nipples, provide that sought-after “trampy milkmaid” look. but hey, there was a midriff band!

I expect to repeat this process a number of a lot more times this month. I haven’t checked out all the February problems yet.

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