keep in mind this fabric? and this pattern, which I made into this dress? Well, I didn’t have enough of the car fabric (damn directional print!) so I thought, oh! PLAID! Of COURSE!

But there was no method in hell that I was going to match a plaid with a large repeat across eight gores, so I put a customized circle skirt on it, instead.

I’m not rather sure I did a good enough job on the plaid (it matches perfectly at the BACK, I swear! across the zipper, and everything!) but it’s as well late now, and besides, there’s piping at the midriff! That ought to break it up a bit. I have realized, actually, just now, why I am so consumed with midriff lines — I’m so shortwaisted that breaking it up makes me a bit longer from take on to waist. Or, at least, that’s the idea.

I’m using this to give a talk on Saturday. The idea is: if you can’t be entertaining, be attractive (although, I promise, I am going to try for entertaining, too!). Once, for providing an academic paper, I used a bright green 1960s Jackie O.-style shift and jacket. The jacket had jeweled buttons and I had, by complete coincidence, matching green and white shoes. I keep in mind the attire in more detail than the paper!

It needs a good pressing but even I’m not masochist enough to iron something tonight that will be in a suitcase for twelve hours tomorrow. (And even hotel irons can press well if you utilize a moist washcloth as a pressing cloth.) I truly desire I had grey suede wedge heels, but that’s pushing it, even for me. (I *do* have a yellow bag.)

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