The very first evaluation of The trick Lives of gowns has shown up in my feed visitor … from Sarah at the blog domestic Sluttery:

As the author of A gown A Day, Erin McKean conjures up the most gorgeous descriptions of clothes, including a cherry pie print blouse that sent me directly to eBay. In Mimi’s shop, Dora finds that each product includes a story, as well as these were absolutely beautiful. The gown that is only for dancing, the gown that is for a extremely specific meeting…

Although specific aspects of the plot were a bit predictable for me, The trick Lives of gowns is a heart-warming as well as lovely book that would make a fantastic Christmas present for any type of vintage lover.

Thanks Sarah! Of course, the book isn’t out up until February, however I presume they still have book tokens in the UK, right? (I utilized to like reading about book tokens in children’s books. as well as speaking of children’s books, the cover picture at that publish is for the UK edition — doesn’t it look extremely Noel Streatfeild? I am so lucky in my book covers …)

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