Kameleon – 1500 vector icons for android developers
If you are an Android developer and you are searching for vector icons then this is your lucky day. As I was searching through countless developer icons, I stumbled upon this terrific 1500 flat Vector icons pack provided by Vincent Le Moign on MaterialUp. He is selling the whole developer pack for 69$. You will get 58 classifications of vector icons that took him over 7 months to design. He used a vivid, modern and contrasted combination integrated with a soft color, vintage inspired combination which resulted in this terrific icon pack. Each color combination has 5 color variations ranging from: Blue, Red, Yellow, green to Multicolored.
Files included in the vector icons pack:
– 1500 vector icons offered in SVG and PNG data format.
– 3 PNG sizes: 110px,220px,440px.10 color variations: pastel (Multicolor,Green, Blue, Yellow, Red).
– Google material colors (Multicolor,Green, Blue, Yellow, red).
– 2 styles:with and without background.
Here is a preview of what you’ll receive once you purchase the pack. click on the pictures below to go directly on MarketUp and purchase the Kameleon – 1500 icons developer Pack.


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