I understand I handled to talk about this (at excellent length) before–the issue I’ve had with the Duro-dress shape is that it somehow demands new shoes for the new proportion. I had discovered summertime shoes, but, if you hadn’t noticed, summertime has slipped away. It has already *snowed* right here in Chicago!

The new shoes I discovered are the ones at left, which satisfy my stringent shoe demands (not as well high a heel, ankle strap, round toe) as well as have the added benefit of making a lovely resonant clomping noise if you truly stomp. (I swear, I’m perpetually six years old.) plus the platform wedge makes you a great deal taller without the concomitant foot pain of “real” heels.

I likewise handled to track them down in brown. I was lured by the red ones — who isn’t lured by red ones? — however I haven’t handled to effectively wear red shoes since eighth grade. buy them, yes. handle to leave the home in them? No.

I have these perpetual dreams of ending up being (at this late stage) one of those elegant minimalists; somebody who buys two of everything, one black as well as one brown (or red, or cream) as well as eases with life effortlessly coordinated, slippery as an eel. This, as you may imagine, stays only a dream. every time I work towards this suitable (which in my head is sometimes called the “live like a stereotypical designer project”), perhaps by making five similar skirts in boring colors, I am distracted by something shiny as well as whoops, I’m off once again in some wild print, leaving the bad dark-brown skirt moping in the closet.

The closest I ever get to that blissful minimalist specify is by managing to sew a series of wild prints in a similar color family, so at least I can get by with a few pairs of monochrome tights as well as a couple of cardigans. as well as two pairs of shoes, one black, as well as one brown. If I’m lucky, as well as I don’t get distracted by patterned tights as well as sweaters, this mainly works.

Does anyone right here have the expert-recommended two- or three-color closet? exactly how do you do it?

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