Lisa sent me this gown … her only comment was “Holy cow.” as well as I see that “holy cow” as well as I raise her a “holy moley”!

I like this dress, however I’m not going to buy it. even though it’s only $35 at vintage Sedona at Babylon shopping center (click on the picture to go to the shop page). very first of all, it’s not my size (it’s B40/W25, which is one *hell* of an hourglass). however mainly I’m not going to buy it since a gown such as this … well, anything this outrageous I want the enjoyment of making myself. I want to understand that I was personally responsible, from the get-go, for the retinal assaults I’ll be committing. I want it to be a full-fault thing, not some wimpy “mistakes were made” cop-out. Not “Oh, I discovered this online,” however “I bought the material as well as discovered the pattern as well as orchestrated the entire tragedy.”

It’s most likely a ridiculous quibble on my part, as well as heaven only understands when I’d get around to discovering wide-stripe rainbow silk anyway (although I’d most likely make it in cotton, to ensure that I might wear it more often) — so you’re most likely all safe. For now.

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