I had to really LEAVE THE home today (I know, shock, horror) as well as it’s disgustingly chilly outside. Did I cave in as well as wear pants? NO!

“But Erin,” I hear you saying, “How can I continue my skirt- as well as dress-wearing methods when it’s ONE degree (F) outside?”

I don’t understand exactly how you can do it, however this is exactly how I do it; in addition to my gown or skirt I wear:

— two pairs of tights (this, alone, is warmer than many pairs of pants)— wool socks inside my boots — a silk undershirt (if I can keep in mind where I put mine away in the spring, always a problem)— a wool turtleneck sweatshirt — a hat, no matter exactly how dorky I look in hats— lip balm used to about the thickness of cake frosting (not truly about keeping warm, however important nonetheless)

and … the trick weapon: if it’s REALLY, truly cold, I keep useful a stock of those three-dollar chemical warmers you can purchase in the drugstore. I’m not sure exactly how they work — it might be bit imps released from hell in there, however as long as they pump out the heat, I don’t care. putting one on top of your undershirt, between your take on blades (or even using one of the ones that appears like a belt, which are almost unnoticeable under a sweater) implies you can laugh at the cold. (It may be a sniffly, pathetic, whimpering laugh, however still: laughing.) the very best part of those chemical warmers is that they last all the time as well as you can keep one useful in your bag, just in case. (The only thing I haven’t evaluated is whether or not they set off the metal detector at the airport; last time I traveled using one I made a quick stop at the ladies’ space to take it off. I try not to annoy the TSA with my unusual accessories any type of much more than necessary.)

Also, La BellaDonna had some great comments about dressing for chilly weather condition in the comments to this post, … feel totally free to add much more hints as well as suggestions in the comments here, as well!

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