I understand it’s a fuzzy photo however hey, fuzzy or not, it’s still a huge damn gown from Firefly, as well as it’s being auctioned now on eBay. You can likewise get some leftover material from it, as well as a few other gowns as well as outfits, however not, sadly, Kaylee’s frilly gown (scroll down) from the exact same episode. Which I believe was the likewise the episode that provided us the immortal monicker “Captain Tightpants.” Mmmmm, Mal. Anyway. Where were we? Dresses?

Do you want to understand exactly how much commitment Joss Whedon inspires? The costume designer remade HER own wedding event gown to produce this gown for this episode. I’m hoping she’s still married, since if not, it’s not as great of a story.

Of course, the only genuine reason to buy this gown (although it’s extremely pretty) is if you are consumed with Firefly (which I’m not any type of longer; the movie provided me closure, dammit). I’m not sure if the proceeds go to charity or not; there was no mention I might discover in the listings.

Thanks to Rio for the linky goodness …

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