I keep believing about the best wintertime dress. Of course, by “perfect wintertime dress,” I indicate “perfect wintertime gown for me,” which is not everyone’s best wintertime dress.

For me, a best wintertime gown would:

1. in shape well under a cardigan sweater, as well as look adorable with colored tights2. be able to be made in a warm cleaned cotton or lightweight wool without looking as well goofy3. fit pockets4. have a increased or empire waist to fit a bit of additional wintertime weight

I was believing about vogue 8469, however I truly don’t like puffy sleeves. (I mean I might deflate them without as well much trouble.) Here’s the line-drawing for it. I’m not showing you the picture since it is SO adorable made up in POLKA DOTS that I am terrified it will cloud your judgment. I am likewise not showing you this version by contrariwise of Pattern Review, since it, too, is method as well CUTE.

So — what do you think? might you see it in a truly fine as well as drapey liberty babycord? A lightweight cleaned wool flannel? A heavy silk? Some liberty Jubilee, if I ever discover any type of again? It only takes two lawns of gown material as well as 5/8ths of a lawn of lining, so that’s a huge plus. if not this dress, what do you believe would be a great pattern for a short, layerable, wintertime dress? (I would make a lot more Duros, however they just don’t truly work well under cardigans!)

And also: nagging. I feel as if there are a lot of hanging threads I requirement to comply with up on here, however I can’t keep in mind them. contest winners? completed jobs that requirement photographing as well as posting? If you remember, nag me, as well as I’ll see what I can do.

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