Jilli sends this stunner our way, with the caveat that it doesn’t play well with petticoats. If this makes no sense to you, comprehend that Jilli is the proprietress of Gothic appeal School.

Obviously, what this gown *is* appropriate for is riding on Vespas–but then, what isn’t? If I had a Vespa I would trip it INDOORS. I would online in a storage facility just so I might trip it from my bedroom to the kitchen area as well as back. fail to remember that “when I am old I shall wear purple” nonsense; I figure that as soon as my chances of having a ministroke top my chances of being in an regrettable Vespa accident, a Vespa I shall have.

I expect the Vespa right here is some type of semiotic shorthand for “I am La Bella Italienne! See, I wear the material of brown to set off my skin of olive!” however the issue with utilizing a Vespa in fashion ads is that nothing is as awesome as a Vespa, so people think, “oh, yeah, good gown but–LOOK AT THAT VESPA!”

Anyway, this gown is on clearance (well, $99, decreased from $198) at Barrie Pace, a catalog I have not seen much of because I left the Southland. There are great deals of other things on clearance that all seem extremely wedding-friendly, not only for guests however for bridesmaids-sans-butt-bow as well as mothers of brides as well as grooms. In fact, there were a couple other gowns that I liked a bit much more than this one. Why don’t they get pictured? No Vespa.

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