I fell in like with this skirt (Vogue 1247) a while back, because, pockets!

(Ignore the floppy blouse. What is it with the gigantic floppy asymmetrical t-shirtish thing? )

This pattern looked easy, quick, as well as finest of all, pockets! So I did what everybody should do before making a new pattern as well as inspected PatternReview to see what other people have stated about it. 

And I’m so pleased I did, since the general consensus was to lengthen the skirt by five INCHES. Yep. five inches. If I hadn’t checked, I most likely wouldn’t have observed exactly how short the skirt was, as well as then Mister Evans would have thrown me out of the Junior High dance I wouldn’t have ever used the skirt. Plus, there were a number of recommendations to leave off the waistband as well as just surface the midsection with a petersham ribbon dealing with (which is what I ended up doing). 

There are great deals of fantastic things about this skirt, I mean, besides the pockets. It went together in less than an hour, including (machine) hemming. Also, it takes barely any type of fabric. I believe I had less than 1.5 lawns of this green-overdyed denim. 

I did a bit subtle topstitching on the back, which I don’t believe you can see here:

And here’s a much better look of the pockets (that’s an index card): 

With the new longer length it hits me just at the knee. as well as it’s truly comfortable. I’m hoping (at some point in the far-off future) to make a couple a lot more with fancier treatments of the horizontal seams (Piping, perhaps colorblocking? I have some pink satin that I’ve been indicating to overlay with some violently yellow lace as well as this would be an incredible pattern for that …)

But the very first person to mention that a horizontal seam at the hips may, possibly, conceivably, make you look somewhat broader gets a resounding Bronx applaud in the comments. C’mon, online a little! You can’t always concern about the width of your hips, often you have to concern about where to put your budget & cell phone! Or about why everybody under 30 seems to only wear a short tight skirt, a huge floppy blouse, as well as four-inch nude-colored platform pumps!  Worrying about looking broader fell off my worry-about listing a long time ago. (But zombies are still on my list. Oh, yes, those pesky zombies …)

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