I know this isn’t a dress, but regular readers will know of my preoccupation — really, obsession — with short-sleeved cardigan sweaters. I *love* them. There is no better A/C-fighter/shoulder-coverup in the summer than a short-sleeved cardigan. A cardigan, a nice tee, and a pretty skirt is perfect for nearly any occasion … but it’s been so hard to find decent short-sleeved cardigans! (Searches tend to turn up these horrors.)

And now, in answer to unarticulated prayers, it seems that J. crew — yes, that J. crew — has them. In TWELVE colors, including orange, kelly green, and two different yellows.

They’re not cheap, unfortunately ($65) but they’re not insanely unreasonable, and I’ve been satisfied with J. crew quality in the past. but here’s the most important part: I called to get the neck-hem measurement, and it’s 21.5 inches in the medium. Yep — if you’re shortwaisted, as I am, that should hit you perfectly at the top of the hip, which is where sweaters should fall. (Honestly. They’ve done all sorts of calculations, and invoked the golden ratio, and everything. That’s where they should be.)

Sadly, about half the colors (including the green, the orange, and one of the yellows) won’t ship until 6/16. (I really want all of THEM, but I’m going to limit myself to one or two and see how they work out. I’m even tempted by the bright purple, and I hate purple.)

Now if I could only find mesh polo shirts that measured 21 inches or less, shoulder to hem, in nice colors, WITHOUT some big honking logo, my (sartorial) life would be nearly perfect.

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