So I had this concept that, for one week, I would try to wear only things I HADN’T made myself. The few RTW pieces I have, vintage, etc.

I made it to Monday: 


Seriously, I woke up Tuesday morning as well as looked at the three (!) daywear-appropriate, weather-appropriate options I had (two bought RTW skirts as well as a vintage dress) as well as stated “The heck with this” (or words to that effect) as well as went directly back to my regularly-scheduled rotation of made-by-me stuff.

I’m not rather sure what I was trying to talk myself into, except that stitching does take a great deal of time (which I’m short on ideal now, as I’m sure you may have observed from the dearth of articles recently) as well as maybe I believed that if I might get back into the swing of using RTW, I wouldn’t feel compelled to sew so much. (“Pfffft, fat chance,” is what I believe my response to myself was.)

Anyway, if you’re interested, the sweatshirt is a J.Crew “Jackie” cardigan bought on eBay; the blouse is this dotted-swiss question from Boden; as well as the skirt is a pink wool Cynthia Rowley (with excellent pockets!), gotten at Filene’s lo these lots of years back (I’m quite sure it’s a lot more than five years old). The belt is from H&M, gotten in a pack of three. undetectable in this photo (and undetectable on my legs) are a pair of microfishnet tights, likewise in pink. The enjoy is one of my favorites, a silver plastic Swatch.

So anyway, that was the beginning as well as end of my RTW challenge. What wardrobe difficulties are you working on (or providing up on)?

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