A brand defined by its art , ROOK was established in 2014 by two illustrators: Joe King and Jonathan Garcia. having already worked within the industry, the two good friends chose to begin a company based on selling distinct metropolitan clothing. Their purpose, as revealed on their official site is: ‘‘to show that high quality art can as well as ought to be strong sufficient to produce a brand’s identity” .  What I truly think about fantastic is the truth that the owners of Rook haven’t provided up on their private careers. As illustrators they produce a specific type of art that is an motivation for those who want to go after their dreams. You can see Joe King’s site as well as you can search with the gallery of Jonathan Garcia HERE. I’ve looked with their illustrations as well as I discovered a similar pattern that expresses a advancement in metropolitan art. Therefore Rook is the location where their concepts are combined, defining their own identity.

Their newest collection is finest represented within the pages of their Adventure Time Lookbook. Their experience Time tee shirts are ideal assets for a day spent in an adventurous city or even better, a day  at house viewing the animated TV series. If you want to online a day full of enjoyment as well as if you want to take your preferred experience Time characters with you, then this collection is just ideal .
LOOKBOOK – ROOK X experience TIME tee shirts 2014

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