everything about  Alex Solis’s  designs introduces you to the many faces of the word inspiration. He is one of the very talented illustrators out there who redefine the depths of simple concepts and offer you perspectives about them you never knew existed. We chose to introduce him to you because he has the great ability to hide a complex idea behind (an apparent) innocence of character.
Death’s day off
The King
He’s been drawing and creating for so long, he doesn’t remember not having the pen in his hands. He has that classic desire for new challenges and new ideas, making no exception of their source. Speaking of classic, he openly gives tribute to conventional art – as all artists should-, considering it the basis for the digital era. new technologies are extensions of what we now consider ”antique” methods. ‘Cause we walk before we run, right?
Fashion bug

A talented break dancer as well, he successfully created outlets from the real world and put them on paper for us to indulge in them.
Beware of the unicorns
Needless to say his experience with threadless has had an important influence on his artwork, guiding him towards stronger concepts that allow the public to simpler relate to his designs. They are both cheeky and philosophycal, never losing touch with his diverse public. He successfully handles different styles in his designs, but there is always Alex in some hidden undertone.
Nature’s sounds
There is one detail that clearly stands apart in Alex’s works and that is the animal element. We’re not going all Freud on him, but we can safely say there is a strong connection between him and the fantasy world of moustached ladybugs, the bear fighting Lincoln, the Lion King wannabe Elvis or of murderous unicorns, a connection we all the best applaud. You should too!
Making Peanut Butter

Those who favor fire

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