Ali at breeze vintage has a question, as well as has requested the assist of the gown A Day Hive Mind:

I have an huge collection of vintage scarves, as well as it seems such a pity to have all these exquisite silk squares as well as no specific method to wear them.

Scarves always seem to me to be the unfortunate forgotten kids of vintage, so I’m looking for patterns that would work to reinvent them into halter or tunic tops, gowns or bags with authentic beauty as well as wearability.

Googling has created quite thin results (Martha Stewart would have us turn them into useless bit hobo bags … ).

and there are a million links explaining exactly how to fold them into not extremely wearable bandanna tie-at-the-back-tops, however I’d like to discover some great patterns that would truly bring them back to life, not just irritate wearers who can’t handle to look like Naomi Campbell in Barbados as well as be comfortable at the exact same time.

Any suggestions? I believed that when I had seen a pattern for a gypsy skirt where the scarves were sewed into a waistband by their corners, however possibly I just hallucinated it …

The scarf above is a Vera … the auction has ended however the seller, kittywantstoshred has a few others up!

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